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Contact us through the enquiry form below or by phone to make a booking today!

The Abbey hosts guests who stay for many reasons.  

Overnight- as Narromine is a crossroads in the heart of NSW, many guests just love to stay where they are welcomed into a beautiful atmospheric setting, while en route east-west or north-south.

Business- The majority of our weekday guests are business/professional who appreciate the large, well furnished and luxurious yet homely rooms, the parlour, gardens, delicious hot breakfast and welcoming hospitality.

Special events - The Abbey often hosts groups for special events: the Air and Gliding annual events, Weddings, and our own in-house retreats.  

Family and friends - The Abbey is ideal for those coming from out of town , attending weddings, funerals, and visiting family in Narromine. 

Holiday venue - The Abbey itself is also an ideal venue for groups to have a weekend group booking or family reunion. 

The Abbey

24 Dandaloo St,

Narromine, 2821, NSW

Tel: 6889 2213 or

0425 561 577

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